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To be featured at the World ATM Congress

March 8 - 10 in Madrid, Spain.

Our knowledgeable experts will be available to meet with you and provide demonstration of our advanced technology at the World ATM Congress. This year, NAVCANatm will be co-exhibiting with Searidge Technologies and Aireon at Stand 826.

These NAVCANatm products will be showcased during the event:


Experience enhanced air traffic management with NAVCANsuite, the NAVCANatm line of fully integrated tower solutions. NAVCANatm is developed on an open architecture, and designed to innovate and simplify the air traffic controllers’ workstation. It transforms the tower environment, providing fast and reliable access to critical airport, tower and terminal air traffic control information.

Designed to support a full range of services in a collaborative environment, with NAVCANsuite operational staff can view, manipulate and manage air traffic data for seamless coordination and safer, more efficient and more informed operations at all times. NAVCANatm delivers the mission critical air traffic control solutions that you need to manage traffic more safely and efficiently.

The NAVCANsuite integrated controller working position is comprised of our world-leading air traffic management tools including NAVCANstrips, NAVCANsitu, NAVCANinfo, NAVCANcontrol, NAVCANatis and NAVCANvolmet.


With enhanced processing capabilities, this complete air traffic management and support system features an advanced, easy-to-use graphic display showing a complete picture of flight movements and actions associated with flight progress.

NAVCANtrac automates and integrates flight data between multiple air traffic control facilities, surveillance sources, and external systems. The display is highly interactive, providing controllers with options to modify and display electronic flight data, access decision support and safety net tools, and obtain information on map objects such as airports, airways, navaids, restricted areas, and special use airspace.


Outside of the tower, you can see what a controller sees with NAVCANlink, giving airport service providers and operators an at-a-glance view of air traffic and core ATC information. Accessed from a web browser, NAVCANlink displays air traffic movements and all associated operational information in near real-time. Its system architecture can be tailored to meet the most challenging security, performance and availability requirements.

To meet with our representative and preview a demo of our products, visit us at Stand 826

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NAVCANatm will be present at the following events:

World ATM Congress

Location: Madrid, Spain
Start: March 6, 2018
End: March 8, 2018