Airports Authority of India

NAVCANstrips at the new Mumbai airport Tower.

Installation of NAVCANstrips, our electronic flight strip solution, is complete at the Airport Authority of India’s (AAI) new Chhattrapati Shivaji International Airport airport tower in Mumbai.  Once operational, NAVCANstrips will streamline the management of critical flight data and improve controller coordination. As well, flight data transactions will become automated, permitting more effective management and use of airspace and airport capacity. 

The interface development and technology installation was done in conjunction with AAI and their controllers to ensure operational input into all phases of system requirements building, design, development and life cycle support. NAVCANstrips is one integral component of the tower’s new cutting-edge air traffic management system. The new tower is the tallest air traffic control tower in India, standing at almost 84 metres, and is positioned to offer clear 360 degree sight lines of runways and approach paths.